Santa Maria SDA Asian Church

4799 S. Bradley Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93455 contact: Pastor Young Kyo Suh email: From the early 80's, a small group of...  read more

Showing Grace

Luke 6:32: If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. And if you do good to those who are...  read more

Does the End, Justify the Means?

Does the end justify the means? Would it be so terrible to lie in order to save a life? Ah, ethical questions...not good for me.  Because even as...  read more
English Compass - Pastor's Corner: an online forum
August 31, 2016
I’ve learned that to decide comes from the Latin word decidere and it literally means to “cut off”.  I find that the older we get, the more we need to decide.  Which means we need to “cut off” ourselves from many more things then we’d like to. But more...  Read more
August 31, 2016
When I was in middle school, I was bullied. At the time, there wasn’t all this talk and publicity about bullying so I didn’t even know I was bullied until over a decade later. I mean, I wasn’t being physically assaulted so I didn’t think to call the kids’...  Read more
August 31, 2016
The final event in the summer olympic games is the men’s marathon.  At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece, Brazilian runner Vanderlei de Lima found himself in the lead with a few runners behind him.  As the finish line veered closer and closer, de Lima...  Read more
August 1, 2016
previously published in August 2004 I don’t know where you were, what you were doing or how you were doing things 10 years ago, but I do know that (at least for myself) I could have been wiser about my money.  Overall, I don’t consider myself a dummy, but...  Read more
August 1, 2016
previously published in August 2004 Money makes the world go round. Or so they say. But I can actually believe that. Think about the millions of people dizzy and delirious from making money. New York investment bankers are working easily over 100 hours...  Read more
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