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Posts from May 2017

The Benefit of a Doubt – How to Manage Your Anger

Seriously? I could feel my face getting hot from the anger that was welling up from my stomach. The hubby had left for work for the day. Usually,...  read more


Met a friend today who found “the one,” “the right one,” THE “Mrs. Right.” From the first conversation, he knew there was something different...  read more

Posts from April 2017

Harvest Is Plenty, but the Labourers Are Few

In 1980, my parents and I moved from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Oregon.  It was, to say the least, a shock to my young life.  In Los...  read more

The Seventh-Day-Adventist ROI

A common question in life is, what’s in it for me? In other words, what is the return on my investment? We tend to evaluate our rewards before...  read more