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Building a Great Team Book Review

Review of Building a Great Team, by Steve Case and Hubert Cisneros (2015).  Lincoln, NE:  AdventSource. If you think back to how you began...  read more

I’m Over 21 and I Want to Leave Home. How Do I Have This Conversation With My Parents?

I’m a female college student over 21, but I live at home and commute to school, and even have a part-time job. My parents give me curfews and we...  read more

Five Ways God Answers Prayer

Over the years, I've discovered from Scripture and experience that God loves to answer our prayers. Whatever the answer, your best interest is...  read more

The Power of Faith

And when they were come to the multitude, there came to him a certain man, kneeling down to him, and saying, Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is...  read more

The Advent Awakens

The NY Times ran an article about 100 fans camped out in the courtyard of the Chinese theater in Los Angeles for the new Star Wars: the Force...  read more

Where is the Holy Spirit When We Sin?

We often pray, fill me with your holy spirit, but there is no good in us. So even if we’re baptized and “good,” do we not have the spirit? Where is...  read more

The Gift of Gratefulness

“What if you woke up tomorrow, with only the things you were grateful for today?” As I read that quote on Facebook, I suddenly realized how...  read more

The Cycle

The Cycle: something that repeats itself over and over again usually in the same steps. Understand the cycle If someone is nice to you, it's...  read more

Striving for Perfection

I was taught that practice makes perfect. When I played the violin as a youngster, I used to practice so much that I had a bruise on my left...  read more

Peaceable Kingdom

Living in a state of constant war—unsure whether marauding invaders would decimate the city or a violent militia will drag loved ones from their...  read more