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Judgment Day

A misunderstood man of unwavering faith concerning the end of the world, influences a young, timid woman to follow his cause in proclaiming a Day...  read more

The Wilderness

Do you remember the story of the Good Samaritan? There is something interesting in the details of that story. The Bible records that “a certain man...  read more

Fornication Nation

Sex Scandal in Camp Acacia Grove Temptation came upon the children of Israel while camped in Shittim. These men of Israel who demonstrated valor,...  read more

Where Can I Find My Soul Mate?

Where can I find my soul mate? The easy answer would be at church! But there are no easy answers in life. I can understand your concerns with...  read more

Festering Wounds of the Heart

So many of us walk around, trying to live life while we are bleeding from the heart. This includes stoics who “talk” the spiritual talk, while...  read more

Recalcitrant Mammalia and a Living House

My name in Korean means “baby cow.” I’ve been teased about this as far back as I can remember. There’s even a Korean song that pretty much repeats...  read more


Have you ever made pottery? A few years ago, I went with my sister to La Sierra University’s Ceramics Department. She brought out this lump of...  read more

The Cry of Modesty

I recently went to a Christian seminar about women’s dress reform. After a long presentation about the immodesty that the fashion industry...  read more

How Do You Know You Are Doing God’s Will?

How do you know you are doing God’s will?  As in, how do you know if you are “in sync” with God? I really appreciate this question, because it...  read more

14 Hours

Time? My day started about 5 am. Location? South Korea. I got ready and headed for the subway station. 5:20 am. I hopped on the subway and...  read more