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Time for a Change?

Reprint from April 2003 The longer I am a Christian, the more I realize that risk-taking is central to growth, both as individuals and as a...  read more

The Problem with Social Fellowship Utopia

One of the most shocking data I’ve gleaned recently is how many of our young adults that enjoyed great fellowship in churches near our Adventist...  read more

Swole Faith

Every man, at one point in his life, takes up weight lifting. For some, like myself, it’s a passing phase. You take it up for a few months before...  read more

Marriage in Heaven?

Are we going to have disagreement and conflict in heaven?  The Bible says that there is no marriage in heaven, but are we going to stay married...  read more

Confess Past Sins?

What does the Bible say we should do about past sins? And how should we distinguish between private sins from public sins? And how should we...  read more

Ever “In for It” or “In It For Ever?”

There is nothing fundamentally more important to society than healthy families, and at the center of every healthy family is a healthy marriage....  read more

My Leprosy

I didn’t know I was infected. In fact, I thought I was in better condition than most people and didn’t need treatment at all. God then brought me...  read more

Great Disappointment Comes with Great Expectations?

Before going to this year’s GYC in Phoenix Arizona, my sisters and I decided to make the best of our time outside the chilly state of Alaska. We...  read more


We were on our way back from a weekend camping trip. The road ahead of us was long and the sun had set. Eager to be back home, but stuck behind a...  read more

Korean-American Adventists

Although there may be other types and exceptions to the list below — I’ve witnessed that there are mainly 3 different kind of Adventists among the...  read more