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Good Will Hunting

A newborn shivers as she lies abandoned in a dumpster. A child gasps faintly as starvation takes his last breath. A woman screams as she fails to...  read more

Now What?

It was four months after the Faith Trip ended. I was in my apartment in Davis, CA, sitting in my reading chair one night when I came across this...  read more

Faith vs. Works

As Adventists, we are all familiar with the Great Controversy. This is the backdrop of our entire belief system. But I want to address the "other...  read more

An Army of Youth

Youth ministry has become a laboratory to experiment with different approaches and options. Today’s models range from variations of social outreach...  read more

The Faith Trip

We left the assisted living home we were staying at, and headed out to the territory. The drops were radioed in, and Kenneth and I were paired...  read more

Agnostic + Buddhist = SDA

My father grew up irreligious. My mother was essentially Buddhist. God had incredible plans for them together. My father and mother are high...  read more

Nehemiah: Resolute Under Enemies’ Fire

In life, conflicts inevitably arise. No road in life’s journey is obstacle-free. In fact, a Christian’s life may be fraught with booby traps that...  read more

Satan’s Formidable Weapon Against the Church

During my high school days I would collect comic books. Titles like the X-men, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and many others were on the shelves of...  read more

Believe in the Good

Recently, I went to a conference where an esteemed federal circuit judge spoke. He told a story of how he got to defend a criminal at the Supreme...  read more

The Joy of the Lord

Christmas “down under” is very different from Christmas in America. For starters, it’s summer here in December so we have Christmas “barbies” (BBQ)...  read more