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Divided We Stand

previously published on July 2004 Better kimchee? West Coast Better potluck? East Better volleyball? East Better basketball? West Better...  read more

Freedom in Christ

previously published on July 2005 John 8:36 “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed” From the beginning of time, Satan...  read more

Voting: A Christian Responsibility?

previously published on July 2006 Voting is a right and a privilege to have in this country.  According to the US Census Bureau—November 2000...  read more

Is It Important to You or Important to Her?

One thing I love about my husband is that I can talk about his shortcomings and he doesn’t lose confidence. Sometimes I roast him like crazy in...  read more

Birth & Baptism

We don’t get to “choose” to be born.  It just kind of happens.  You weren’t.  And the next thing you know, You Are! The miracle of birth is...  read more

I Love Being a Dad

I love being a dad. I never thought I would become one again. To clarify, we welcomed a new baby to our family on March 17, about 2 hours before my...  read more

Shi Jip Sal im

My initial thought in writing this article was that I was going to write about my Mom, a woman who gives me the sense of being completely known and...  read more

The Mystery of My Mother

The visible part of an iceberg is an enormous sight to behold in and of itself. However explorers and glacial experts have long established that...  read more

Gift of Motherhood

“Gift of motherhood” is not a phrase that was truly appreciated in my home when I was growing up, because it was not a term fully understood. To...  read more

Ask NOT What Your Pastor Can Do for You!

previously published in April 2005 As we explore the question of what a church should expect for its pastor, the words of our late president,...  read more