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The Sabbath as Civil Liberty

There is that part of me that likes to try and “kick against the goads.” It has been both a blessing and the bane of my existence but it's...  read more

Grandma Deng Mei

Grandma Deng Mei is 87 years old and is a particularly bright ray of sunshine, showing the world how Jesus has changed her life. She is blind, has...  read more

Above and Beyond

At six years old, everything interesting is above me, just beyond my reach. On this day, more frustrating than I could bear, my mom, dressed in a...  read more

Sabbath Divorce

On the first Sabbath in heaven, I wonder how we’ll be worshipping God? Will the youth and young adult groups go to a special separate...  read more

Is It Lawful on Sabbath?

Our recent Sabbath School lesson had a discussion on a section of Luke 6 regarding the man with the withered hand. It reads: On another Sabbath,...  read more

Re:act! ECKCM 2015

As I am writing this article, it is almost June and the plans for ECKCM 2015 are well underway. I am very excited to share with everyone what’s in...  read more

Women’s Ordination

Recently there's a lot of discussion about women's ordination, especially with the General Conference scheduled for this summer. Regardless of...  read more

When Did Dinosaurs Exist on Earth?

Why did God create people?  When did dinosaurs exist on earth? F, 32, NYC The question of why God created people is very deep, and we may...  read more

The Black Hole

I have an addiction. It may not be one that you may typically think of when you hear that word, but it is true nonetheless. The following scenario...  read more

Comfort Food or Holy Comforter?

“It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet.”  Diet is such a personal matter. Your diet can tell a story about you: what...  read more