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Doesn’t Prayer Scare You?

previously published on January 2007 Jesus prayed a lot, right? No doubt He also blatantly instructed us to do it. And as Christians whose goal...  read more

Staying Emotionally & Spiritually Healthy in Today’s World

previously published on January 2006 How can we stay emotionally and spiritually healthy in today’s world? There are many challenges that we...  read more

Patience & Persistence

After more than a year, today, I’m still praying for several prayer requests to be answered; prayers that I would like to think God would want to...  read more

Mission Spotlight: Battambang, Cambodia pt. 2

Medical Missionary Team and Waldensian School Visit A group of high school and junior high school students from Korea came with a handful of...  read more

Before You Talk About Jesus, You Must Have Jesus

Characteristics of the church of Antioch Should we choose the greatest church among the early churches, it would be the Antioch church. The...  read more

Modern Day Idolatry

“Daddy can you read me this story?” my 4 year old daughter Chloe asked, holding the My Bible Friends book open to the story of Elijah. The story...  read more

On Being a Wife of a Pastor…

previously published in November 2004 If you asked me over 25 years ago whether I could see myself as a pastor’s wife, I probably would have said...  read more

Stand Still and Behold the Salvation of the Lord

previously published in November 2004 “Hey, Pastor!” Someone was calling for a pastor behind me as I was walking toward the church. I did not pay...  read more

First Impressions

In Spring 2017, I became part of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) as a police chaplain. I remember the day when I was introduced for the...  read more

Selling My Soul for Squid

Every good Adventist knows that squid and most other sea creatures are off-limits when it comes to eating. My parents taught me from a young age...  read more