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FAYA - March 2019

There have been many talks, studies and surveys showing that the church loses a majority of the youth once they reach college age and they don’t return until they have children. And even when they return, a lot of times, it’s usually not for themselves but because of the desire for their children to grow up in a culture in which they grew up.

When asked why they leave the church, a lot of different answers are given, yet the underlying theme generally seems to be that the picture of God, specifically God’s love, was skewed. And as the youth enters college and the “real world,” without the firm foundation of God’s true love in their lives, the world seems to offer more. So there is no desire to be part of the church.

But praise the Lord for not giving up on us. He continues to be patient with us and continues to show us different ways we can understand and share His love.

One of the ways God did this was at East Coast Camp-meeting in 2016. There, He inspired a group of young adults to feel the burden of reaching out to fellow young adults, inside and outside the church, and to form a community where we can share and grow in Christ, so that our picture of His love gets clearer.

We called our community “FAYA” - Fellowship of Adventist Young Adults. Even though we didn’t have any money or ever planned anything like this, God led us and provided us with all we needed. Through the snow and ice, we had our first reaching In January 2017. Forty young adults gathered together at Summit Lake Camp in Maryland. Over the weekend, we learned about God’s love and we developed a clearer picture of God’s love. And we made life long friends to encourage and support each other as we reached out to other young adults back home.

With God’s blessings, we planned another retreat and we met January 2018 at Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center. We had challenges that needed to be overcome (one of the attendees got into an accident in a snowstorm), but God carried us through.

Now as we plan our third retreat, we are blessed to know that God is still with us and leading us. We want to learn how to live once we’ve given God our lives: “Practical Christianity” as it were.

Our next retreat is in March 2019. Please let other young adults know. If possible, please send us donations through your churches. But we definitely ask you to pray for us. Pray for us to see the correct picture of God and for us to learn to share that with others. 


Thank you and God bless!

FAYA team


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