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Met a friend today who found “the one,” “the right one,” THE “Mrs. Right.”

From the first conversation, he knew there was something different about her. With his past relationships, he realized that the more he talked with them, he’d start losing interest.  But as for her, the more he talked with her, he found that he was more intrigued. He wanted to get to know her more.  There was just something about her that was different. It wasn’t that she was playing games or trying to be someone she wasn’t.  She wasn’t being evasive or being provocative.  She was genuinely and sincerely herself and was content to open her heart & soul and give 100% of herself to every conversation. She wasn’t scared to step into or jump into a “serious conversation.” She didn’t change the subject or crack a joke or get all awkward on him.

Now, he was fully convinced & had a firm conviction in his heart that she was the one.  The One!  And he had decisions to make.  Decision about his future.  About their future together.

It was an amazing experience to spend some time with a man who had such a firm conviction in his heart.  His heart was on fire.  His eyes were beaming.  He had found someone.  He knew what he had to do.  He knew where he wanted to go.  It wasn’t obsession.  It wasn’t wishful thinking.  It wasn’t “teenage infatuation.” It was something else. 

It was conviction.  It was assurance.  It was faith.  It was joy.  It was trust.  It was a decision he had made not only with his heart & shallow feelings, but with his mind & from the depths of his soul. 

Conviction changes us, transforms us and leads us to make some of the most meaningful decisions in our lives.  But a conviction-less life breaks us, tears us apart and leads us to waste our lives.  It leads us to procrastination, confusion and ultimately to self-destruction! 

Do you still not know what to do with the rest of your life?  Are you still confused about who you are and what you were created for?  Are you starting to doubt everything about yourself and the people around you and ultimately about God? Are you losing your grip and losing your faith & conviction that once burned deep inside your soul?  Do you not see the point anymore?  But at the same time, do you wish that someone or something will give you that break or that spark that you desperately need to awaken and start living a life with conviction? 

Don’t just sit there waiting for something to happen to you. Start believing! Open your eyes and your heart and start believing with your whole heart.  Dare to live a life of faith & conviction.  Ask God to restore unto you the joy of salvation!  Ask God to convict you & assure you of His love and His plan for your life! 

Don’t drown yourself in games, sports & entertainment.  Don’t run away to your toys, gadgets and the world wide web.  Stop.  Kneel.  Meditate. Pray.  And Listen! Turn off the music.  The noise of this world.  And pay attention to the voice that has been and still is speaking to your heart!  Find your calling.  Recognize His plan for your life!  Then live to Answer that Call and Execute His plan for your life! 

In short, live a life with Conviction!