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Experiencing the Heart of the Heavenly Father, part 2


(Genesis 2:16-17) “…Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall sure die.”

Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden?   Was it really necessary for Adam and Eve to be tested since they were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27)?   They enjoyed open communion with God and the angels; however, they were not eternally secure until their loyalty was tested.  I often wondered what sort of thoughts were going through the mind of God when Adam and Eve became subject to Satan in Gen 3.

I want to continue from my previous article.  One morning, the doctor came to tell us that Enoch might be ready to go home.  We were delighted to hear the good news, until the doctor explained the only condition of his discharge: he had to take the CSTP test before he could go home.  The CSTP (Car Seat Test for Preemie) was required for infants born before 37 weeksof gestation time.  He would be positioned in a car seat with all the testing wires connected to his body (such as oxygen level sensor, heart rate, etc.), and his objective was to maintain himself in a car seat for an hour.  

I thought to myself, “Hallelujah!!  Finally I can take my son home!”  It had been a long three weeks for me.  Since my wife had to nurse the infant, she was allowed to stay in the hospital.  For me, it was joyful seeing my son everyday, but I had to commute daily.  I really wanted to take him to his permanent home. 

My precious Enoch was brought out and placed in the car seat.  All the tubes and sensors were connected to his fragile body, and the nurse started the countdown.  I brought a chair and sat in front of him where he could see me.  I was cheering for him to fight the good fight.  Ten minutes passed by…20 minutes…30 minutes…  He seemed to be going strong, and looked comfortable. 40 minutes…50 minutes…51…52…53… Beep, beep, beep…

My heart sank to the bottom as I heard the alarming beeping sound and saw his heart rate going up in the monitor.  Enoch failed the test!  As I was coming back home, leaving my wife and son behind, I was very discouraged.  Tears were running down my cheek, and I was really heartbroken. 

That is when God opened my spiritual eyes to see and to understand the heart of God.  He was saying, “That is exactly how I felt when my children failed the test in the Garden of Eden.  I was heartbroken…It still breaks My heart to see my children suffer…” He comforted my broken heart and encouraged me to see the hope in the future.  Many promises in the Scriptures flashed through my minds.  I thanked Him for His comforting words.  What a lesson I learned from my heavenly Father! 

By the grace of God, Enoch was able to pass the test the following day (PTL!), so that I was able to bring him home.  There was such a great joy as we united as a family. 

There will be greater joy when we all unite with God as a family when Jesus returns for the second time!  Until then, let us encourage one another with His enduring promises.

“Without hardship, probably few of us would learn much about the deeper life of grace” (Perspectives on the World Christian Movement p. 201).



Pastor Philip Lee is married to his beautiful wife, Emily, and is a father to two loving children, Enoch (5) & Chloe (3).


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