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FAYA Introspective

People say that you gain perspective about an event, as we get further away from it. With the FAYA retreat almost six months behind us, the perspective we gained shines a greater light on how great our God is.

Throughout the whole process of planning the ministry and retreat, we experienced God in a mighty way (such a clichéd phrase, nonetheless true). It was moment-by-moment leading. It was wonderful, it was amazing!

We have told our genesis story in this magazine before, so the short version is that a group of young adults from camp meeting decided to stay in contact via online bible studies. These contacts led to a discussion about the young adults (YA) in our Korean SDA community. While the young adult population in our churches isn't that big, there are young adults in our churches. The YA, as a group, are in the unique position where we aren't really tied down to a family and with “disposable” resources (money and time), this group can be a strong force for God. But above all that, as obvious as it may seem, God helped us see that our group is best positioned to reach the YA who have left God and church. This led us to starting our FAYA ministry, Fellowship of Adventist Young Adults. With the future of the ministry in our minds, the group planned a multi-state retreat. We didn’t give ourselves much time either: about 4.5 months. But on January 13, our retreat started and the rest is history. As mentioned before, God led us step by step. God provided us with ideas, wisdom, funds, energy, encouragement, and essentially, everything.

But the perspective that we have gained six months after the retreat is being able to see the process as a whole. God is the master of the specific (as seen in His leading us each step of the way in planning the 2017 retreat), but He is also the painter of the big picture. God not only prepared us to have this retreat in His good time, but also led us to not only plan for one retreat but got things ready for a 2018 retreat and beyond!

God decided to use a group of misfits. Some members in our retreat planning committee were those who have left the church and returned. Others were still in the church but feeling burnt out. Some of us had met but never had a conversation, and some of had never met before last year’s camp meeting. Yet God gathered us at a camp meeting in 2016.  We were all inexperienced. This motley group had some overlapping skills and completely lacked in other areas. Where there was abundance in talent, God used it in different ways, and where there were deficiencies, God provided individuals with skills to get by until others could join to help. This group was able to get a retreat planned in a short time ONLY because God had been training all of us to depend on Him. Of course, there were disagreements and differing opinions but because of God, we had a unifying theme and goal. Not together in space, since a lot of us live in different states, but together in time—we prayed at a chosen time and we learned over and over to depend on God.

But the story doesn’t end there. God answers prayers and then keep going, giving us what we need and more! As soon as the retreat ended, we started planning for FAYA 2018. God provided us with more manpower with diverse talents, funds to reserve our next location and an energy boost from seeing the fruits of our God-led labors being a blessing for others and ourselves.
Pray for us as we continue to plan the next retreat. Pray for us to never lose our trust in God and to depend on Him fully, not just for this retreat planning but also in our lives.

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