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Hudson Taylor Book Review


Autobiography by Hudson Taylor. ISBN 9780871239518.



It would be a fateful day in the life of young Hudson Taylor. With nothing else to do and to pass some free time, Hudson sat down in his father's library perusing through books and pamphlets that might be of interest to him. Absentmindedly, he picked up a gospel track, thinking he would read the nice little story in the beginning and skip past the sermon at the end, for as far as he knew, he had no interest at all in spiritual matters, and of course, definitely not in the salvation of his soul.


Little did he know that about seventy miles away, his mother keenly felt an earnest desire for the conversion of her only son. Feeling strongly impressed to pray for Hudson's salvation, she determined not to leave her room until God answered her prayer. Hour after hour, she poured out her heart to God until she could pray no more, but at last she felt the joyful assurance that God indeed had accomplished that very work.


Meanwhile, as Hudson read the track titled "The Finished Work of Christ," conviction began to run through his soul. Light began to flash through his heart. The Spirit powerfully worked in his heart until that very same afternoon that his mother was praising God, he was led to joyfully accept his Savior and to give his life to God.


Thus began the work of Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to China. In this book you will discover amazing miracles, radical faith, awesome experiences through difficulties and persecution, but most of all a powerful testimony of one man's life that was dedicated to the service of the Almighty God.



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