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Making It Count

It always irked me to a certain degree when I saw over-indulgent parents.  I'm not sure if it was because I was so "not-indulged" as a kid.  But, you know, when you see the little girl in a fluffy, princess dress, wearing a birthday tiara, nearly lifted off of the floor with birthday balloons, and her parents are offering to buy her up to half of Walmart? - I just couldn't do it.

I tend to swing to the other extreme.  I'm pretty cheap when it comes to spending on my boys.  Second or third-hand clothes are more than welcome here.  I notice that I almost pride myself in hardly spending anything on them.  After all, they're just kids!  They are not going to run my house, let alone determine any important life decisions.

But this morning, I read about another set of parents who were willing to do anything for their child:

"John was the son of their old age, he was a child of miracle, and the parents [Zacharias and Elizabeth] might have reasoned that he had a special work to do for the Lord and the Lord would take care of him.  But the parents did not thus reason; they moved to a retired place in the country, where their son would not be exposed to the temptations of city life, or induced to depart from the counsel and instruction which they as parents would give him…. They acted their part in developing a character in the child that would in every way meet the purpose for which God had designed his life…. They sacredly fulfilled their obligation…. "  Child Guidance, p 23.

Here is an example of parents "living" for their son.  Allowing their child to dictate major life decisions.  Doing anything to protect their child.  Apparently waiting on their child, hand and foot.  Have a backbone please!  Exactly the kind of thing that would bother me, right?  

What struck me in a profound way is that I realized the difference between sacrificing all for personal motives and sacrificing all for Christ's will to be done in the lives of our children.  There is no hint of indulgence in this scenario, but rather, complete dedication, earnestness, and love towards a Cause greater than themselves.  They gave all their human effort in raising their son to fulfill God's special plan for his life.  Nothing was taken for granted.  And ultimately, this IS the perfect expression of love for their son.  This is what I want.      

So, I've decided to spend more.  But I want to make it count.  I want to be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that we are on that narrow path - whether it be to move, stay, change jobs, cancel appointments, risk embarrassment and ridicule, buy that $500 Christian book set, and yes, even change who I am.  It's a radical thought.  It sounds irresponsible.  But I'm glad that Jesus is on my side every step of the way.  This is His ingenious way of saving us and our children.  And at the end when the Lord comes in the clouds of glory and we are standing on that day with our children, I know I will be among them that humbly exclaim that Heaven is cheap enough.      


Judy, along with her husband and their three boys, live and minister in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.


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