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Mission Spotlight: Battambang, Cambodia

Dear Friends and Family,
Greetings from Ever-summer Cambodia! 
Work here is going slow but steady, and we praise God for encouraging us to go forward each day. Initially, MC was called to be the director of Center of Influence, a city mission center that will have a health clinic, teaching classroom for various training, health food restaurant and a church. Upon arrival, we gladly picked up a few more hats, and we’ve picked up even more, since then.

MC, while planning and preparing for the Center, has accepted the request to train local church leaders in the northwest region of Cambodia. Since he can’t be on the road constantly and spread himself out too thin (which is a great temptation in the mission field!), we decided to have the church leaders come to Battambang for a whole day training once a month. Some people travel for 7 hours to come here and we’re very grateful for their dedication. 

We’ve noticed there’s little or no structure in the churches throughout Cambodia. Usually one person, the church planter, does all the work “because they’re paid to work.” Most church leaders have not had any kind of formal training in ministry, which doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t been trained by the Holy Spirit, yet we felt additional systematic training can benefit everyone.

For the first year of the training MC will focus on sharing God’s plan for the church to work as a body, a team, fellowship of saints, and equipping and edifying one another to do good work with Jesus as the Head. This subject will cover studies on heavenly sanctuary and the role of our current church in the soul saving work. In learning about God’s church, we hope the leaders will feel more connected with our world church and see how God has worked in the Adventist church in the past as well as how He will lead the remnants in the future. 

In addition to the monthly training for northwest region leaders, we are holding daily worship and training for our home church bible workers and youth. Using simple stories from the Bible, we’re using already translated and other Ellen White’s writings to better understand the wonders and gems in the Scripture. Main reason for doing this was to help the young people get in the habit of searching the Scripture for jewels and apply them to their daily lives. Just like Mary, we want everyone to learn to sit by Jesus’ feet and learn from every word that falls from Him. Only a handful of Sister White’s books have been translated to the Cambodian language, and we hope more books will get translated to help the eager students here. If you have a particular burden on book translation to Cambodian, please contact us to brainstorm together.

God has given a special gift to MC of waking up extremely early, every morning, even without an alarm clock. Utilizing this gift to the fullest, MC has encouraged our members, especially the youth, to come to church at 5:30 in the morning to pray together. It’s been toned down in the past week to 6am at the request of lesser early birds, yet participants still gather full blessing and power of corporate and intercessory prayer. We praise God for our faithful youth that come every morning to pray for our church, our province and our country Cambodia. 

The center is still in the process of being built. Instead of waiting for the building, we decided to start the teaching part of the city mission with whatever means we have for now. We will have English and Korean language classes at the current church and use our home living room for music classes. We are very thankful to our friends that have donated ESL books, 8 full size keyboards with weighted keys, 10 violins, music accessories and books to start the language center and music classes. All these goodies are in a container waiting at the port here in Cambodia. Please pray with us that the government officers won’t charge us “taxes”, or even worse, take our instruments! (They dare not lay hands on God’s property!) Items that came from the US arrived here safely and are being put to good use here. Thank you for the projectors, computers, and other items. 

Another answer to prayer was our vehicle that we were able to purchase through friends’ gift given toward the car. Now we can go to other villages and provinces. It’s a big challenge to drive in Cambodia as traffic rules don’t seem to exist, and roads, even highways are full of motorbikes, cyclists, tractors, cows, dogs, you name it. Please keep us in your prayers for safety.

We want to be as transparent as possible with your donations. Monetary donations come through ASAP, then to Cambodia Adventist Mission, and we submit receipts to the Mission for every dollar we receive. Also, if you have given a particular item or have given money for a particular project, we will be happy to send you pictures and writings of how they’re being used here for ministry. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Just this past weekend our church held a Christmas program as an outreach event. Last year a little less than 100 people came, which was a lot, so this year we said “Let’s aim high and plan for 200!” This year over 400 people came! We praise God for bringing many people to our church and encouraging us to do more and dream bigger. Imagine, a small church that barely holds 40 people hosted an event for over 400 people?! Just to give you a picture, there were over 80 motorbikes and many cars were lined up outside our church that a big road traffic was disturbed. We pray ALL of those 400+ people will come to know our Heavenly Father! 

We finally started taking Khmer language class. Yay! Still nowhere being close to being fluent, but at least we can get by in dire situations. Unlike Phnom Penh there aren’t many expatriates here so Khmer classes aren’t offered anywhere. Thankfully we found a tutor who works patiently with these two slow of tongues and two little eager toddlers. 

Abby got more used to the lifestyle here and doesn’t scream upon seeing roaches anymore. Just a loud, “HONEYA!!!”, then the man of the house dashes in with an electric zapper and does his thing. The children cheer him on. What a team! 
Abby got more involved with children’s ministry and women’s ministry (we actually don’t have names for these ministries, since the church doesn’t have a structure as of yet, but that’s what we’re calling the work and working towards). She helps with children’s Sabbath school preparation, and prepares food for Sabbath lunch and supper each week. Pasta dishes and kimchee soup made their debut at church and were all well received (any food is better than no food, right?), but Khmer dishes are still work in progress. One step at a time. 
Quite frankly we’ve been having small ailments, nothing major, but little ones. Nevertheless we’re thankful for these little troubles because they help us to be humble and keep us from pushing our physical limits. We’re only clay, so whatever the Master wants us to do for however long, we will do. We just pray that our clay bodies will be in good shape for His work and not waste time. 

Here’s a list of things we’d like you to pray with us: (not in any particular order)
1. Praise for answered prayers! The tricky situation with the building is slowly getting resolved. Please continue to pray that the building will be completed soon.
2. Our family’s health, physical and spiritual.
3. Church members that are drinking the spiritual milk so eagerly. We love them so much!
4. Abby’s travel to Myanmar and US in January, and for the boys to be well during her absence.
5. MC, for wisdom to teach Heavenly things in His way.
6. Bible worker and church planter training
7. Language center (to begin in Jan) and Music classes (begin in Feb)
8. Container with instruments, for all items to come safely and without getting “taxed”

Thank you for your friendship and prayers. We praise God for you! Happy New Year to you and your family! 
Your partner in ministry, 
MC, Abby, Michael and Joshua

PS. Here are some of our ongoing fund raising projects that you could help.
- Education fund for underprivileged students
- Building an Adventist School in Battambang
- Securing a land for Adventist Hospital / Sanitarium

If you are interested to give donation you can choose one of the following ways: Wire the funds to ASAP Ministries bank account:
Address:      9190 U.S. Highway 31, Berrien Springs, MI 49103-1652
Phone:      USA (269) 471-7749
Account No.: 4520046477
Routing Number: 072410013
*Please email Amy at ASAP Ministries and notify her of the amount of fund you have wired for Battambang Project. Her email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Send the check to:
ASAP Ministries
P.O. Box 84
Berrien Springs, MI 49103-0084
* please make a note that your donation is for Battambang Project. Thank you!

Pastor MC Shin and his family, currently serve in Battambang, Cambodia.


Makes me really want to visit!

Malcolm (#1) – January 03, 2017

Praise Jesus! Praying for you MC and Abby. God will do mighty things through your family.

Roy Kim (#2) – January 28, 2017

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