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Thank You

I recall the conversations with Pastor Jinha Kim, before the English Compass online project was initiated, how fondly she spoke about the EC in the print form. She expressed how she believed in the EC and wished to make it a special ministry for the English-speaking Korean Seventh Day Adventists.

I'm so appreciative that a pastor who had the challenge of ministering to over 100 college students, especially with the kind of “off hours” she'd keep to cater to these students, would take on this challenge. For the past 2 years, Pastor Jinha has been the Editor for the English Compass Online; and she not only took on the challenge—she grew the project and gave it life. I think she has done a tremendous job getting the EC off the ground; sustaining it with her vision, reaching out to various authors, and creating a resource that would meet the needs of the Korean SDA community.

I look forward to seeing this ministry that she started, move onward and exceed her high expectations. Thank you, Pastor Jinha for this gift you left behind, and God bless your new ministry “down under” in Australia!

Jae Park