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FAMBAM 2017: Christ in Me

On March 24-25, Westchester Korean SDA church hosted FAMBAM 2017.  As in the past, this event is jointly sponsored by the Korean Seventh Day Adventist churches in the New York/New Jersey area.  The speaker, Junsik Kim shared inspiring stories of faith and miracles in his experiences as missionary in India and Africa.

The music that was shared during the weekend, was a product of coordination from the different churches.  An ensemble from Northern New York started the weekend off with a beautiful piece.  On Sabbath divine worship, Woojin Park from Westchester church on the violin and Dukhyun Sung from Queens church on the clarinet played a beautiful duet.  Westchester church debuted their praise team with “Christ in me” as the theme song.

The childrens’ program featured main story by Elder Peter Nance.  In the afternoon, there was a photo scavenger hunt, memory verse game, snacks and crafts.  New to FAMBAM 2017, was a photo booth put together by JiYoung Jang.  Jennifer Lyu and Esther Kim helped to create a fun filled children’s program.
People had a chance to do some stretching exercises led by Sandy Kang in the afternoon.  This was followed by movement games by Pastor Michael Cho.

The evening portion of the activities were moved to the parsonage where everyone enjoyed a pizza party compliments of the Westchester church.  It was during the evening where Junsik Kim’s secret talent of Korean game master was shown forth.  Guests coming from places as far as Georgia, Maryland and Boston were among the ones who had a great time of games and bonding Saturday night. 

The highlight of the weekend featured stirring messages from Junsik Kim who spoke to a packed audience.  The guests in the audience were mainly from the Queens and NNY churches but we had people coming from the Yorktown Heights community who were invited by Westchester’s Bible workers, Christian Chung, Esther Hardy and Matthew Kohl. 

Another great help for promoting this event was the great work by Julie Kang from New York Central church that produced great posters for internal promotion, a separate postcard design for community outreach, and a beautiful program.

Photography for the event was done by Ashley Radu and SK Jang helped with the media. 

The deaconesses at Westchester went over and beyond to feed the massive crowd for lunch.  And they did this without taking any funds from FAMBAM, whereas previous hosting churches were given funds for food.

Many hearts were moved from seeing the cooperation of the various churches and the messages from the missionary.  This was evidenced by the generous donations collected for FAMBAM.  More than $4,500 was collected including a matching donation from an anonymous donor.  The money collected was more than four times the amount that was collected in the last FAMBAM event. 

During FAMBAM, Missionary Kim shared with us many miracles that occurred while he was abroad.  While promoting this event, a resident from Yorktown Heights, Gina, said she might come and she had a special prayer request, a prayer for healing.  She said that her niece’s son, Christian aged 4, was born with a neurological disorder that prevented him from speaking and moving normally.  She wanted Junsik Kim to pray for his healing.  I had my doubts but asked Junsik if he would be willing to pray for her.  He said, “Of course!”
Gina showed up on Saturday night and apologized that her nephew couldn’t come.  But she said, “Can we pray for Christian anyway?” Junsik Kim asked those who were there at the parsonage to lay hands on Gina to pray for Christian.  Most of those who there by this time were young adults that were sleeping over the parsonage for the event. 

The following week, Eric saw Gina and asked about her nephew, Christian.  She said that while he did dramatically get over a fever that usually lasts for days, his neurological condition remained.  But she paused and said hesitantly, “I’m not sure if I should be telling you this…But I had a painful hernia in my neck for the past 5 years.  It was a bump that stuck out of my neck and you can physically see it. But during the night that when you all laid hands on me, I felt like an electric shock.  And the pain in the neck went away.  And the bump that was on my neck is gone!  I have to see my doctor to get an MRI, but I’m a believer.” Praise the Lord!  God is not limited to miracles from the Bible, or a far away land like India.  He is still a God of miracles and we witnessed it right in our midst.

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