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Posts from May 2012

How to Preach 101

1) Pray first, throughout, and last – 2) Study– do all the exegetical work (separate document on how to exegete a text here) Be willing to...  read more

Tips for Facilitating a Discussion

  mp3 file of workshop from East Coast Camp Meeting on "Tips for Facilitating a Discussion" coming soon  “Christ's method alone will give true...  read more

How to Prepare an Outline for Discussion

This is intended for small groups or other Bible study discussions.   Prepare an outline with this format: Prayer & Praise - 5- 10...  read more

How to Handle Challenges in Your Small Group

  1. Keep the big picture in mind: ·        Again, “Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people.  The Saviour mingled...  read more

Steps to Exegesis: “Digging Deep in the Word”

  Steps to Exegesis: “Digging Deep in the Word” Q: What is Exegesis? Exegesis("reading out of a text") is the process of uncovering the ...  read more

How to Study the Bible

  1)      Prepare to study: a.      Schedule your Bible study time b.      Get the right tools (Bible, computer, notebook, Reference books,...  read more

Bible Study Resources

  Bible Bible Gateway (Different Versions): Blue Letter Bible (Hebrew and Greek):  read more

Prayer Resources

  “Privilege of Prayer” by EG White: "Power through Prayer" by EM Bounds: ...  read more