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Please find below a collection of recent articles. Feel free to browse by category and date on the right sidebar.

In His Time

When I was a teenager, “In His Time” was one of my favorite songs. I’m not much of a singer, but I loved when the girls would split off into the echo, creating a lovely harmony. Even though I understood, cognitively, what the lyrics meant, I never felt that...  read more

Mentored to Be a Mentor

previously published on August 2005 Mentoring is a dynamic 'mission critical' partnering. This vital partnering creates higher learning, fosters talent, and makes potential actual," Neville writes in his recently published book, 'The Ten Second Mentor.'...  read more

CREATION Health: Activity

God wants us to be healthy and prosper. The Bible says In 3 John verse 2, “Beloved, I pray that thou may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”  Activity is one of the eight universal lifestyle principles that makes this...  read more

How Great Thou Art

On Saturday I was introduced to The Piano Guys’ mashup The Mission/How Great Thou Art featuring two of the Seven Wonders of the World: the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil and the Iguana Falls in Argentina.  It’s a stunning music video not only...  read more

A Holla to All Peeps in the East and the West (and the Midwest)

previously published in July 2004 Initially I was given the topic of East Coast vs. West Coast for the subject of a Compass Article.  I thought, ”Cool!  The Compass is reaching to the new young and hippity hop generation.”  When people look at the East...  read more

Two Coasts and One Generation for a Final Mission

previously published in July 2004 It all started when I stopped pausing each day to admire the palm trees.  When I first arrived in Loma Linda, I was in awe of the tropical arbor that lined the streets and accented the landscape.  Soon, instead of gawking...  read more

How do you know when you’re ready for a relationship?

How do you know when you’re ready for a relationship? Thank you for this question, but I really need to know what type of relationship you are talking about?  It really depends on where you are in life, and what you are looking for?  If you are...  read more

FAYA Introspective

People say that you gain perspective about an event, as we get further away from it. With the FAYA retreat almost six months behind us, the perspective we gained shines a greater light on how great our God is. Throughout the whole process of planning the...  read more

Could Parents Also Please Evangelize the Youth?

previously published in June 2004 “Ahhhhhh!  That feels delightful!”  At last Pastor John is able to kick off his shoes and sink his worn feet into the ocean of carpet spread across his living room.  For a brief second he spreads his toes and wiggles them...  read more

My Eternal Influence

previously published in June 2004 Phone call “Hello?” T. answered the phone. “Hey T., it’s me. How are you?” I smiled. “Wow! Jed? Is that you? I haven’t heard from you in a while.” “Yeah, well, you know how things go.” I hadn’t been associating with...  read more