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Articles of a devotional nature

Bold for the Truth

In Acts 26, Paul stands for truth no matter what.  He does not seek to fight for his life, but instead fights for truth that honors God. ...  read more

Stand Up to Your Giants

Did you see the game?  The Women’s World Cup final between the United States and Japan?  It was a game of unbelievable will and grit.  Going into...  read more

What Are You Praying For?

The 1st century Christians just experienced their first persecution.  They were getting way too LOUD with the J word and the R word.   Jesus...  read more

The Secret of Silence

Two patriarchs were beloved by God. Two patriarchs were rich with crops and livestock galore. Two patriarchs lived in the same region and in...  read more

Spiritual Weapons

How do you war against the mind? How do you subdue thoughts? “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down...  read more

It’s Not about Real Estate

Did you ever wonder why God sometimes delays before He delivers us from our troubles? Why doesn’t He change our circumstances right away? As I...  read more

Why Fellowship?

No man is an island.  Intellectually, we assent to this truth stated by John Donne. So we talk about social responsibility, environmental...  read more

According to His Mercy He Saved Us

Excerpt from Ministry of Healing, Ch 4: "A centurion's servant was lying sick of the palsy. Among the Romans the servants were slaves, bought and...  read more