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Please find below a collection of recent articles.  Feel free to browse by category and date on the right sidebar.

Faith At Work

Attending a public school, I always prayed for an opportunity to witness to at least one friend in some way. This opportunity finally came when my brother, who attends Andrews University, came home for winter break with books that needed to be canvassed for...  read more

Christian Unity

Many dream of a world in which people of different colors, cultures, and religions live together in peace, without conflict or prejudice.  Yet, ironically, many pursue this dream by resorting to wars and violence.  A good example of this irony is the...  read more

I Want to be Nine…

* Edited from a blog post from the past: I am a High School teacher. There are not too many times in life when I am rendered speechless because of something someone says. Lately, it's been happening more often, but most of the time it's because I'm...  read more

Why Fellowship?

No man is an island.  Intellectually, we assent to this truth stated by John Donne. So we talk about social responsibility, environmental accountability, and economic interdependency.  But when it comes to spirituality, we often downplay the importance of...  read more

Changing majors

I had always thought about it, especially last year. I struggled a lot, but ever since I declared my major as nursing earlier this year, I felt secure. I felt like I finally had ground, and since I wasn’t really sure what my passions were, it was easy to...  read more

A Renewed Direction for the Online Compass

Arrrgh. I grunted as I lifted another box labeled “Jinha’s things” in my parents’ basement. It is inevitable that at some point after you leave for college, your bedroom gets converted to a guest room or study, and your middle school art projects, your...  read more

According to His Mercy He Saved Us

Excerpt from Ministry of Healing, Ch 4: "A centurion's servant was lying sick of the palsy. Among the Romans the servants were slaves, bought and sold in the market places, and often treated with abuse and cruelty; but the centurion was tenderly attached to...  read more