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Please find below a collection of recent articles. Feel free to browse by category and date on the right sidebar.

In Face of Death

It was an awful morning. Life and Death hovered over us at every moment, but Death seemed to loom larger that morning. It was few weeks into my first month in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) as a pediatric intern, and it was the first rotation that...  read more

What is the Gospel? Part 3

(Read Part 1 here; part 2 here) What is the gospel?  In short, it is the good news about who our heavenly Father really is.  It is the truth about His character.  And why do we need this good news?  Because God's name has been slandered. "And war broke...  read more

Bold for the Truth

In Acts 26, Paul stands for truth no matter what.  He does not seek to fight for his life, but instead fights for truth that honors God.  Recognizing the opportunity to help spread the Way, Paul does not water down his testimony but boldly shares the...  read more

Less Graying, More Praying

It was a Thursday night, and the sorority house was buzzing with girls laughing, glasses clinking, and music blasting as my sorority sisters headed out for another fun night out on the town. I was in my room, listening to the commotion and wondering what I...  read more

Glimpses of Something Greater

A few months ago, I woke up and asked myself, “Why do I wake up in the mornings?” I know it’s a cliché question, but I really had to reflect.  I thought, I wake up to seek the attention and approval of others, because I was never affirmed by my parents....  read more

Stand Up to Your Giants

Did you see the game?  The Women’s World Cup final between the United States and Japan?  It was a game of unbelievable will and grit.  Going into the finals, the USA team was sure to win against the smaller and weaker Japanese team.  Not only had the USA...  read more

I’m Going to Downey, Part I

Part 1 of 2 AN UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTER On a Friday evening we headed out as usual to lead out in our small group Bible study about an hour away, fighting rush hour traffic. This particular Friday we left a little earlier than usual.  About a mile or so...  read more

I’m Going to Downey, Part II

(continued from Part 1)  As we drove in solemn silence to our own Bible study, I realized that our encounter with Devon was an answer to my prayer as well. Just that morning in my devotional time, the Spirit had impressed upon me the need for greater...  read more

Finding a Real Identity

  Somehow, my life has seemed to take an unexpected turn.  Perhaps it stemmed from that magical time in Guam where all I had to do was live for myself.  But somehow, the bubble that I had been living in for the past few years of stay-at-home-mothering has...  read more

The Graveyard Dive

John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in a plane crash on July 16, 1999. It was a Friday evening, after sunset. While millions of diligent Jewish mothers were pulling Challah loaves out of warm prelit ovens, the son of a president was dying.* The flight data...  read more