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Japanese-Style Mushroom Brown Rice

approx. 4 servings Japanese mushroom rice is served every week at my church’s potluck, and it’s delicious.  This recipe makes use of brown rice...  read more

Cilantro-Ginger Memil Guksu Salad

Consider this recipe more of a suggestion than a list of exact ingredients.  The point is to toss toothsome memil guksu with fresh, colorful...  read more

Soy Cutlet

Soy Cutlet - submitted by Emily Lee Ingredients: 글루텐가루 1컵 - Gluten Powder 1 cup 두유3/4컵 - Soymilk 3/4 cup 감자1개 - 1 Potato 당근1/3개 - 1/3...  read more

Rice Salad Recipe

Rice Salad (submitted by Emily Lee) Ingredients: 1 cup long grain rice (i.e. Jasmine Rise) 2 cups water 1 cup black beans (caned)...  read more

Quick and Easy Zucchini and Mushroom Side Dish

submitted by Erica Choi Ingredients: Half or whole zucchini sliced into half moon shapes 1 Small, sweet onion sliced...  read more

Mango Pie Recipe

Ingredients: Sugar—amount according to preference. Cream cheese—about one block (room temperature) Sweetened mango pulp - 1 can or 3 cups....  read more